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Ileana's Cottage
To write as if I really write
21st-Jul-2012 05:07 am - [sticky post] Guys, I need your help.
So for the past few months I've been trying to decide whether or not I can afford to go to this music therapy conference in Illinois this October. Truth is, I really can't pay for it alone. I'm doing my best to keep my use of OSAP at a minimum, and blowing $500 on this conference . . . I just can't do it.

BUT I HAVE A NEW PROJECT. It's called Sing it Forward.

The idea is that the lovely people of the Internet (unfortunately I cannot share this with my mother yet because she would try to stop me from going as I am going alone--but to be fair, I never really had a rebellious stage, so I may as well do this while I can still call myself a teenager) can donate money to me via Paypal or credit card and I will pay it forward by donating time volunteering at a charitable organization (two hours per $50 of donation money for a total of twenty hours if I actually manage to raise the full $500) and by completing a series of challenges.

At $50, I will attempt to give myself a vacuum cleaner hickey.
At $100, I will convince 50 strangers to dance with me.
At $150, I will dress up as a giant slice of pizza and sing in public for one hour.
At $200, I will consume one shot of ketchup by itself.
At $250, I will shave my legs … in an elevator.
At $300, I will watch one full hour of Nyan Cat. And nothing else.
At $350, I will spend an entire day with “Please don’t look at this zit!” and an arrow pointing to a zit on my face.
At $400, I will write a song about my most embarrassing moment and perform it in a public space.
At $450, I will blenderize a Wendy’s Baconator with heavenly hash ice cream and Sunny D, then drink it.
At $500, I will shave my head (if long enough, the hair will be donated to Wigs for Kids).

If it doesn't work out (if there's a family emergency, I don't raise enough money, it turns out I have a midterm during the conference, etc.), I'm going to donate anything I've received to AMTA, since that's where it would go anyway.

But basically, I really need help with these donations. If any of you can and want to donate even five bucks, that would be incredibly helpful. You can do so here. I'm going to post pictures and videos of everything on this Tumblr page. And even if you can't donate (which I totally understand, trust me), if there's anyone you know that you think would want to do so, it'd be super-amazing if you could tell them.

It would mean the world to me if I could go to this. Illinois is relatively close (as in, it will take me like a day to get there via Greyhound), and I don't know that I'll ever have an opportunity like this again. I want to know what American music therapy is like so that I can think seriously about whether or not I want to move to the States (pretty sure not, but still), and one of my favourite Tumbloggers is doing a speech about feminism in music therapy. How could I possibly not go to this?
3rd-Jan-2013 02:05 am(no subject)
We can go from cheerfully amiable to passionately romantic to adorably fluffy to achingly lustful and it all happens so naturally and I adore him.
1st-Jan-2013 04:03 pm - Spent last night at Taylor's
Happy New Year, everyone! Anyway, not the point of me showing up here. So as I said, I was at Taylor's last night but she had to work until 9:30 and that meant that I was alone in her house for a couple hours. Matt and I were chatting on Skype and I was starting to get kind of hot and bothered and that was the moment that Taylor walked in the door. Which inspired part of today's conversation . . .

[3:26:02 PM] Molly (or Mollu): It was a little hard not to glare at Taylor for her horrific timing.
[3:27:13 PM] Mr. Kinsey: Ha, I may have glared at her just a bit myself.
[3:28:49 PM] Molly (or Mollu): We'll make up for it tenfold when we see each other, I'm sure.
[3:32:14 PM] Mr. Kinsey: Which, into my surprise, may be sooner than I initally thought.
See, she sent me a message sometime last night, saying that if I hurt you in any way, she'd drive down here and castrate me (which is something I thought was fantastic.  I'm glad you have protective friends like that :3), and then we continued our conversation, about how adopting her has perks, like, oh, you know, you coming with her to Missouri this summer.
[3:36:33 PM] Molly (or Mollu): Well, no promises, but if she takes the trip down there's no way I'm not going. Although she'd probably walk in on us, given her history. XD
Taylor is wonderful, by the way, despite the cockblocking. You ought to meet her.
[3:38:23 PM] Mr. Kinsey: Well, I will most definitely keep my fingers crossed, because having the chance to see you so relatively soon?  There's no way I couldn't.
And if she would walk in on us, well, she'll have quite the show, I assure you xD
And she sounds great, from the short conversation we've had so far :3
[3:41:51 PM] Molly (or Mollu): She seems to approve of you. Which I appreciate. We both tend to be wary when our friends get into relationships because our friend was in a really terrible one. So I can see her being protective. :P
[3:43:22 PM] Mr. Kinsey: Well, I told her, if I do hurt you (spoiler:  I'd rather bring harm to myself than see that happen in any way, shape, or form), I'd give her directions myself :P
And I'm glad she approves.  I'd hate it if she hated me :/
[3:47:02 PM] Molly (or Mollu): Me, too. Her approval solidifies the fact that she has excellent judgement.
[3:47:34 PM] Mr. Kinsey: Aw, I wouldn't say that :$
But still, it makes my role as Molly's Boyfriend much, much easier.
[3:49:18 PM] Molly (or Mollu): Glad it's an easy role for you, 'cause I'd rather like to keep you in it for a long time.
[3:50:59 PM] Mr. Kinsey: And you will, if I can help keep myself there.

We are vomitrocious, aren't we?
Me: It would be kind of problematic if I got pissed off at you for flirting with people because I am the world's biggest flirt. Like, I flirt with my Ace best friend. It's not like it means anything.

Matthew: I'm glad our similarities extend that far :P I mean, I may compliment someone, or discuss my sexual fetishes with total strangers, but I would not ask for anyone other than you to be beside me right this very second. I mean, I may flirt, but my mountains of text-based adoration/daydreams/travel plans/etc all revolve around you, luv.

Me: Yeah, I mean I'm probably not going to stop reblogging pictures of Dita Von Teese with sexually charged keysmashes as commentary, but if I could have either you or her in my bed, I'd choose you.
Which is pretty much the highest compliment I can give a person.

Matthew: And that is pretty much, without a doubt, the highest compliment I've ever received. If that doesn't prove immense attraction, I don't know what does.
But I think I'll keep it close to my heart instead.
I adore him. I want him. He's more than wonderful.
25th-Dec-2012 08:04 pm(no subject)

Can I have you for Christmas?
Seriously, I just want you.

You're at the top of my list, luv.

I’m serious though.
I’m caught off guard by how strongly I feel about this, but I want to
learn all about you, and I want very much to call you mine and never let
you go.
I don’t understand it yet, but I’m absolutely crazy about you, and I
just want to be yours, It’s like I finally found something I didn’t
know I longed for so badly.

I know. Honestly, I do, because it's exactly how I feel. And I don't
know how that happened or how it happened so quickly, but all I want is
you and only you.

Then you have me.
I’m one who plans, thinks about things before doing them, but this?
It just makes sense.
I mean, I actually long for you, something I didn’t understand until now. I miss you, and I’ve never actually been with you.
It’s terrifying, but also brilliant, like maybe this is how things are supposed to work.
So, yeah.
I’m yours if you’ll have me.
This is sudden, and I’m rubbish at these things even if I have time to
prepare, but I just want to be in Canada to spend these last few hours
of Christmas with you.

Then... yes. Of course, of course I'll have you if you'll have me. I
want to say something big and important here, but all I can think is
yes. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes. God, I adore you.

I can't believe this is happening. It's foolish and dangerous and I don't care. I haven't felt this way about anyone in a long, long time and I'm not giving that up just because he lives 800km away.
I'm falling so quickly and I couldn't be happier about it.
Merry Christmas to me.

25th-Dec-2012 12:48 am(no subject)
He thinks I'm captivating and attractive and special and worth it.
I don't know how this happened to me, but . . . wow.
I like him so much.
1st-Nov-2012 09:37 pm - Did I just get asked out on a date?
Probably not. But this could potentially be seen as a date.
I'm actually okay with that.
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